Blessed Yule

Posted December 23rd, 2011 by denwagh

The air outside is brisk and cold as two stand before a door knocking. The door opens to cheerful greetings and embraces. Stepping inside, the scene is one of comfort. Flames roar in a fireplace and people sit casually nibbling food and sipping warm drinks. Some are new friends and others old. Stories from the year are passed around the room and people settle in. This is a celebration of Yule.

The Yule sabbat coincides with many holidays including the Christian holiday of Christmas. History tells us that the earliest known celebrations of Yule were those of the Germanic pagans as a religious festival that coincided with Winter Solstice in the fourth century. Neopagan paths celebrate the rebirth of the Great horned hunter god as the newborn solstice sun. Celebrations vary by path and practitioner.

The yule log is a symbol of the sabbat and a portion of last year’s log is used to start the log which burns for the night during the current celebration. Yule is considered a “Fire festival”.

Modern scholars have connected the Yule time period to the “Wild Hunt” which is a ghostly procession in the winter sky. (This is also mentioned in several modern fiction books as a topic of discussion to explain the balance of Winter and Summer).

Personally, I celebrate Yule as a time of reflection upon the year past and giving thanks for those who have been with me through it. Up until recently, I celebrated as a solo practitioner  but in the past years have come to know other pagans I trust and of whom I celebrate with. I’ve found that celebrating the season with those of like mind is more fulfilling than solo celebrations for this particular sabbat.


What does Yule mean to you?


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