Faery Garden

Posted May 17th, 2012 by HelenScott

Hello Spring!! (Who am I kidding, we live in Texas…. hello summer)

It’s just the right time to start planting in the garden… except when you live in an apartment, like myself, and there’s no garden… then you plant in pots… but it’s time none the less.

My live-in-mate has always been interested in the ‘F’ word…. no not that ‘F’ word, this ‘F’ word: Faeries. I don’t say that word myself, and I don’t allow it in the house. I see the ‘F word’ people as mischievous, , tricksters, and dangerous… though I respect them and their existence, I just don’t want them in my house.

I recently realized the best way to keep them out of my house is to invite them into my garden. One specifically made for them. “What garden Helen?? You live in an apartment!”… As an apartment witch, I’ve learned to work around these things… I don’t need a garden to have a ‘F word’ garden….

So, first things first….
You need an area to plan your special garden.
If you have a house and/or a backyard, start by clearing the area of twigs, leaves, rocks, and foreign matter (ex: trash). Next, pull all the weeds out of the area. Once that’s prepared, grab a pencil and paper and sketch the shape of the area, and from there start to brainstorm how you’d like your garden to look.

If you live in an apartment, like myself, you want to find a container that would be well suited to plant in and will fit in an outside area (like a patio). I like the idea of garage sale-ing (sailing lol) to find a used bird bath, large pots, hanging planters…basically anything that’s functional and can hold soil.
Next, buy some potting soil and fill the container until the soil is about a half-inch away from the top of the container. Do not pack the soil, we want it loose for our plants. Now, start planning your garden.

Some ideas to help plan:
1. Fae people like really good smelling flowers, such as: dianthus, mullein/verbascum, morning glory, st. bernard’s lilly, and marigolds just to name a few. I suggest looking up the meaning/uses and toxicity of the plants you plan on planting you garden. 
2. They also like a place to rest, so plan on having a small house, bench, or a little hammock where they can sit and enjoy the area.   (Houses are probably the best choice, since they like to hide).
3. Offerings. If you plan on attracting, and keeping the fae in your garden you’ll need a place to put offerings. They are usually attracted to sweet cake, and fruit. Plan on having a small plate, stone, or slat of wood to place these offering on.
4. Stone walkways, little ponds, and bells/chimes are optional and will definitely give your garden some ambiance but aren’t necessary. You decide what else you’d like to place, and remember more isn’t always better, sometime more is just more.
5. Mushroom ring. Also optional, but supper cute!! I really like this idea because mushroom circles are still magical to me, and always make me think of the ‘F word’.

**Rosemary makes great minutre trees, and are really easy to trim…if you’re going for the miniture garden look**

**Blue polished rocks make great fake streams and ponds**

**Seashells are great for small offerings**

I’m going to leave you with some ideas for you garden.




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