Cleansing for the New Year

Posted December 28th, 2011 by HelenScott

Protection is a major importance to me (which I’ve harped on in past blogs), not only of the physical nature but of the spiritual. So naturally I take a lot of magical efforts to protect my house. I have a broom above my door, a sachet on the knob, and various other items around my house.

During the week of New Years, which is next week, I take the time to put my Holiday decorations away, clean the whole house and then do a good magical cleansing. This is important to me because it allows the house to start fresh in the coming year and it rids the place of bad vibes from visiting guests and the new items we’ve received as gifts. I suggest performing a cleansing at least every three to six months. This is just a suggestion, there’s no strict time table here but I believe that one knows when it needs to be done and I do it on a schedule for preventative measures (more or less).

Before most cleansing rituals it’s suggested that you take a cleansing bath/shower prior to working, but I think that depends on the situation and the state of the practitioner. It’s nice to take a bath/shower to clear the mind and body of negative energies, but, remember, you should know yourself and where your energy and head is. If this beneficial to you, do it… I just don’t see it as a necessary step in EVERY cleansing ritual.

My Cleansing Ritual:

Sage Stick (or Smudge Stick)
Holy Water


I like to start with the sage at the far most back of the house/apartment and work toward the front door. It’s important to remember that Mirrors and Faucets needs to be cleansed, as well as windows and doors/door frames. Some claim that these are entrances for bad energies and spirits, though there are a lot of different theories on this, I like to cover my bases.

I light the sage (it’s good to keep a lighter on you during this, depending on how dry the sage is, it may not stay lit) and walk through the house drawing protection symbols in the air with the smoke from the sage and saying “Sage, cleanse this house”.

I then open all the windows in the house (turning off the heater/ac prior to) to allow the negative energy to escape. With the windows open I sprinkle the holy water on the base boards (a spray bottle works well for this) and on mirrors, windows, faucets, and door frames. (Again, starting at the back of the house and moving toward the front door)

When finished, I say:

“This house is cleansed, so blessed be.”

If you don’t fancy this, it’s always good to come up with one of your own.

Here are some other useful items/spells (to help you protect you and your house) from a few of my favorite books and authors:

Dragonbane Protection Oil:

“Protection oils are used to anoint candles, talismans, windows, doors, favorite objects, and so on to enhance the purity of vibrations. This one is best made on the dark moon.

Supplies: 1 dram bottle; sweet almond oil; 3 drops amber oil; 1 drop jasmine oil; 7 drops dark musk (plain musk can be substituted); 5 drops rue oil; 3 small pieces dragon’s blood resin; 1 pinch coarse sea salt.

Instructions: Fill dram bottle halfway with sweet almond oil. Add each oil, shaking gently to mix well. Add Dragon’s blood resin and sea salt. Shake to mix. Charge. When anointing an oil, you can use the following spoken charm:

Spirit to oil, oil to candle, candle to flame,

Flame to smoke, smoke to spirit.”

(RavenWolf, 40)

The following is a list of protective herbs taken from Scott Cunningham’s “Magical Herbalism”, the full list can be found on page 50.

Ash twigs and leaves
Elderberries or leaves
St. John’s Wort

Here are a few suggestions if you wanted to use crystals for cleansing:

Blue Quartz


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